Meet Ben Morton

The Ben Morton Group (BMG) has been a top producer in the Seattle area for 13 years. BMG specializes in land acquisition, new construction homes, remodels, development, off-market properties, and providing clients with knowledge of every facet of the Seattle real estate market.

Buyers can consider the BMG the best option when choosing representation. By working so closely with builders and developers, the BMG is aware of homes hitting the market prior to the listing date. The advanced systems that are utilized by this group on a day-to-day basis pull from every available site to make sure that nothing is missed. When the right property is found, our negotiation skills and reputation among selling agents and developers will get the buyer the best value.

Sellers can find immense value in working with the BMG through our advanced marketing tactics, our vast database, and intuitive and cutting-edge strategies. The BMG is well-known among the luxury real estate market in Seattle, and brings new light to the art of listing. They look at the listing of a property as an event and opportunity to make an impression on the community while bringing it closer together.

Their open houses generally feature luxury catering, live music, joint ventures with large brands and partners, charity events, and more. The print and media marketing of the BMG spreads all across the country, and even extends world-wide to foreign investors.